Thursday, February 11, 2021

I Feel the Darkness on My Back

I must have felt a tingling in the Sufjan (that's the gay version of The Force) a couple of days ago because I suddenly had to put on his most recent album The Ascension for the first time in a few weeks -- and here we are, and it's a Thursday, and a new music video for the song "Tell Me You Love Me" (possibly my favorite on the album) has dropped, and it was directed by Luca Guadagnino. Cue angel choirs. Here's a quote from Luca:

"The aching feeling of loving and wanting to be loved, the mystery of bodies that clash, the uncanny aspects of nature, the sublime music poetry and voice of Sufjan—all this went into this video that I am proud to have made with the collaboration of two more great artists, Alessio Bolzoni and Celia Hempton.”

Bolzoni is a photographer, and Celia Hampton an installation artist. And Sufjan and Luca of course, as any person worth their weight in short shorts and peach juice knows, collaborated on the film Call Me By Your Name, to celebrated effect -- Sufjan landed an Oscar nomination and went from just the cool gays (i.e. me, a'duh) liking him to All The Gays. It's fine! There's plenty to go around! Anyway like all of the other music videos for this album -- see my previous coverage here -- there's no beautiful Sufjan to be seen; the video focuses on dancers. Anyway I really love this song and am psyched this is the one Luca snatched up. Watch!

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