Friday, February 05, 2021

Good Morning, World

Actually forget the "World" -- good morning only to the news that the movie Monday, aka the movie that Sebastian Stan by all accounts flashes his Lil' Stan in, has gotten a release date, huzzah! The so-called "steamy romance" co-starring Denise Gough (she played "Harper" in the most recent adaptation of Angels in America on stage) is being released by IFC on April 16th. Ages and ages ago, back in the fall of 2018, Seb was spotted riding a scooter naked for this movie by the paps...

... which we never forgot, and then news came out of its first screenings in Toronto this past fall about the whole "Captain America; Willy Avenger" thing. So there, now we all have a thing to look forward to. You're welcome. I'll make sure to post when we get a trailer, although I am sure we will have to wait until April 16th to free willy himself.

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Hot guys said...

Sebastian Stan's die-hard fans (and there's plenty of them) will eat this up! 😛