Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Soho Straight Ahead

I only just now realized while looking at this new image (via) of Anya Taylor-Joy in Edgar Wright's upcoming giallo-adjacent horror film (and yes typing all of that makes me feel tingly in all the special places) Last Night in Soho that Anya Taylor-Joy, post-Queen's Gambit, is different from Anya Taylor-Joy pre-that -- she was on her way up but I think that Netflix series was a real enough phenom last year (feels weird to say "last year") that she's an actual honest-to-goodness star all on her own now? And so she might bring attention to Edgar Wright's giallo-adjacent horror film that mightn't have come before? 

Anyway truth be told I don't care about those eyes, I care about my own eyes, and my eyes are fucking happy, son. (Funny I just naturally start talking about "eyes" when Anya Taylor-Joy comes up.) But then I've been waiting for Edgar Wright t make another right and proper horror film (yes Shaun of the Dead is a horror-comedy but it's also legit terrifying) ever since his amazing "Don't!" short appeared in the middle of the Grindhouse experience 12-ish whole years ago. Especially one giallo adjacent! I still don't have any idea what we're in for with this movie, but that's how I want it. As of now it's scheduled for an April release -- we'll see if that sticks. 

That's an older image from the movie but I think I missed posting it before, so there that is. Stepping back for a second I wanna add that I finally got around to binging The Queen's Gambit over the holiday break and everyone was right, it's incredible. Good work, everybody -- being right for a change! I watched it all within 24 hours and could've watched another full season when it was done. 


bdog said...

I saw Grindhouse opening day, I don't understand why Tarentino hasn't revived it on Netflix.

John said...

My boyfriend and I found Queens Gambit by accident and both enjoyed it. I wonder if it will get any Emmy nominations.

Anonymous said...

i found queens gambit overrated, felt like every other netflix show