Monday, January 11, 2021

Pics of the Day

Well this is news to me -- last year I posted several times about a forthcoming WWII-set television program called Shadowplay that would star Taylor Kitsch, Logan Marshall-Green, Michael C Hall, Sebastian Koch, and best of all the great Nina Hoss, created by the folks behind the show The Bridge. Well apparently the entire damn thing already played on German TV? And not recently either -- it played way back in October! Not sure if I have any German readers but if any of you did catch the show please, share! 

I only found this information out today as I stumbled upon these photos of Taylor & Logan, all period-costumed up, looking sharp as expected. Otherwise I haven't heard a peep about the program, quality-wise. Looking at these photos though, I'm not sure I entirely care about the quality... besides the quality of the menfolk I am staring at, which is already very very high. Anyway I will try to be better -- be best, even! -- on further news regarding a US release of the show, if such news should make itself known.

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Anonymous said...

It's not bad. Not exceptional either. Bit much of the usual German Television stuff going on.