Thursday, January 28, 2021

Bones For My Beloveds

I know I literally just posted how I am super busy with Sundance and that you shouldn't expect a lot of not-Sundance-posts for the next several days, but as if to test me the world has flung news in my face that is simply un-ignorable (and I am not complaining, I will find the time for this even if I have to bargain it off my life by the devil) -- Timothee Chalamet is reuniting with Luca Guadagnino! (thx Mac) And for a Horror Movie! Written by Dave Kajganich, the screenwriter of Suspiria! OH MY GOD. You guys! My heart is literally singing! It could be my high blood pressure, but let's pretend it's this! (It's definitely both.) 

The project is apparently titled Bones & All, and all Deadline knows is it's a "horror love story" that is also set to co-star Taylor Russell, the young woman who was mind-blowingly best-in-show amazing in Waves last year. (ETA The Hollywood Reporter says it's based on this novel by Camille DeAngelis of the same name.) I... I thought I was excited when I began writing this post, but I must have just been stunned, because the more I type this all out the more crazy I feel with excitement. Like I might have to lay on the floor now. Oh my god this news!


Anonymous said...

Will the cannibal be in it too?

Anonymous said...

Luca and Timmy are trolling Armie