Thursday, December 17, 2020

With Brothers Like This...

Oh the hits are coming hard and fast this afternoon -- now I've got the first trailer for Brothers By Blood (which used to be called The Sound of Philadelphia, which it's weirdly still listed as on IMDb) starring Matthias Schoenaerts and Joel Kinnaman! Naturally, as it stars Matthias Schoenaerts and Joel Kinnaman, I have been all over this movie like beard hairs on Matthias' pillow since the moment I first heard about it a couple years back -- it has Matthias playing a guy who's trying to get out of his criminal family just as his close cousin (Kinnaman) becomes more involved with the bad shit. 

Not a plot we've never heard before, for sure -- heck even Matthias has starred in a couple of movies already that sound just like it! -- but I really liked director Jérémie Guez's last film (the post-apocalyptic Zombies-take-Paris flick The Night That Eats the World, reviewed here) and... well you know the "and." It stars Matthias and Joel, for god's sake! It also, for that matter, co-stars Paul Schneider, Maika Monroe, and Ryan Phillippe. Here's the trailer:

Brothers By Blood hits Theaters + VOD on January 22nd.

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