Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Me & Michelle in Bright Lights

Another exciting career moment for yours truly with the arrival of the trailer for French Exit, Azazel Jacobs' forthcoming farce starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Lucas Hedges -- my review of the film got quoted in the just-released trailer!

You can read the full review over here at AwardsWatch. I saw the movie at NYFF and the film as a whole is a mixed-bag but Pfeiffer is anything but -- just an absolute and total blast to watch from start to finish, and I stand by my blurb! I hope she can snag a Best Actress nomination for this -- she'd be a more-than-deserving nominee.

She's not the only reason to see the movie, even if its overall tone never quite finds a footing -- Lucas Hedges is also terrific playing her son, and I'm not only saying that because his long hair and beautiful coats and collars in this film finally, after years of trying and failing, made me "get" Lucas Hedges. I don't mean as "an actor" -- I have found him very good before -- I mean as an object of  lust. I never got it before. But something about him in this movie made it click. 

But Michelle is the primary reason to run run run for the French Exit -- I mean look at her! Movie cameras and giant screens were made precisely for the honor and pleasure and the privilege of staring at that spectacular face right there. The film is getting a limited release on February 12th. Here's that trailer:


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