Thursday, December 03, 2020

Luke Evans Six Times

I assumed we'd be getting a few more photos of Luke Evans for his noted "Man of the Year" profile in Attitude magazine when I went ahead and posted about it yesterday, because I had some things to get off my chest with regards to Luke's nonsense lines about how he had always been out. But now that the things are off my chest we can get back to the photo-shoot the way the Lord Luke intended, where it's Luke now getting things off his chest... namely "shirts." Bothersome shirts! Hit the jump for all of it...

And yes that last one's a repeat from yesterday's post but this one's text-free and y'all know how distracting my Horny OCD finds text! But there are still two more in yesterday's post not seen here, if you're not, never, sated.

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bdog said...

Do you not get Todd Snyder's monthly catalog? He was the feature in November, and looked very good. Also, Snyder's clothes are fantastic, and you get a $100 off $300 if you receive said catalog.