Friday, December 11, 2020

Good Morning, World

Aww look at Vilhelm Blomgren, you guys! That snap's off his Insta and is supposedly from his latest project Gösta, a Swedish comedy that streams on HBO Max -- anybody seen it? I know nothing about it save what Vilhelm's Insta said (which was, you know, the title) but if you tell me to watch it I will watch it. I'm easy! 

And if you're all "Vil-who? Blom-what?" Vilhelm Blomgren played the terrifyingly sweet and terrifyingly brainwashed Pelle in Ari Aster's masterpiece Midsommar last year -- I don't believe I mentioned it here on blog but I just re-watched Midsommar on Thanksgiving night (yes it's a spring movie but it's also a feast movie so it fit) and that movie, y'all, that movie continues to fuck.


schmiedepaul said...

Hey Jason,
That's funny. German public TV was on and I saw this guy's face in the watch-again feature. It was Gösta and I'd never heard of it. (I haven't seen Midsommar.)
I had to click on it (the face! the eyes!) and it's a sort of quirky comedy about social work and doing the right thing, but really about nothing. Vilmar is very charismatic and, like you say, incredibly sweet. His first scene is an outdoor shower ...
All the best
Paul x

raul said...

The shower scene on the first episode is very nice!
The show tries to be funny, but is so depressing. It's no easy to make fun about mental issues... and most of the time they didn't.