Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Good Morning, Riz

I don't know if you've seen this on Twitter but I've been in the throes of projecting a lot of heavy wishing onto the director-actor relationship between Sound of Metal director Darius Marder and Sound of Metal actor star Riz Ahmed (you can see the thread down below) -- anyway this morning I was greeted with this blessed set photo on Darius' Instagram, wishing Riz a happy birthday, so I'm gonna keep on tinfoil-hatting the boys, and also wish Riz a happy happy while I am at it. I am hoping to write some thoughts up on Sound of Metal later this week -- it hits Amazon on Friday! -- but know that Riz gives his best performance to date and one of the best of this here crazy year in it. We should certainly be expecting him to get his first acting nomination for it. Watch the trailer here.


John said...

Wasn't he in The Night Manager on HBO?

Jason Adams said...

I think you mean The Night Of, John -- a different HBO show that Riz starred in

Anonymous said...

This man ages like a fine wine. I swear, you look at him in movies he made a decade ago and shots from his movies now, and he's only become hotter with time. God help us when he starts to go silver.