Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Pieces of a LaBeouf

This is a couple of days old and I didn't think I was bother going to do a post about it but... well, here we are. A post! The "this" I speak of is the trailer for Kornél Mundruczó's film Pieces of a Woman, which wowed some folks at Venice & Toronto earlier this year -- specifically the performances by leading lady Vanessa Kirby, leading penis excuse me actor Shia LaBeouf...

... and supporting phenom Ellen Burstyn, who gets a tailor-made Oscar Clip Speech at the film's mid-point-ish that will have her in the running, if not the surefire win, for that prize.

(As an aside the actress Frances Fisher -- Scary Mom from Titanic! -- liked the above tweet a few days ago, and nearly blew my knickers off.) Not that I know things! I make comments like that and must immediately backtrack them because I pay about 0.025% attention to Oscar-prognostications and just don't tend to care. Like I could click over to The Film Experience where my pal Nat ranks who's who in the race and get a clue, but that'd be pretending, and I'd forget it all within an hour. My main point is Ellen Burstyn is typically fantabulous and when such things are assessed, awards-wise, they'd be fools to forget her.

Pieces of a Woman is getting a theatrical release (supposedly) at the tail-end of December, and then hitting Netflix on January 7th. Not sure if I'll ever review it properly but it's better than I expected it to be -- that is I had zero expectations besides the actors would be good and they are, they're all great, but on top of that it's actually gorgeously filmed and edited too, which felt like a bonus. Also you'll be hearing a lot about that opening sequence and you totally should, because it's a stunner.

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Anonymous said...

Ellen can have an Oscar this year if she gives her Oscar to its rightful owner - Gena.