Monday, November 23, 2020

Man of the Holy Mountain

LOL the grrrrreat Alessandro Nivola shared the above image on his Instagram today from the local "Yac Donalds" restaurant in Nepal, where they shot the brand new miniseries adaptation of Black Narcissus that we've been (oh wait for it) yakking about (oh there it was) for months now, and which airs on FX this very evening! If you missed the trailer -- which allowed me the making of a life-changing gif of Mr. Nivola -- you can watch it here.  

Black Narcissus was of course famously and brilliantly turned into a masterpiece of color and torrid nunnery by the genius Michael Powell in 1947, and tells the story of a convent in the Himalayas going stir-horny. If you've never seen it see it right now, just go ahead and buy the blu-ray, you won't regret it. This new adaptation has the terrific Gemma Arterton slipping into the terrific Deborah Kerr's habit, while Alessandro's hopping onto David Farrar's iconic tiny pony for a go.

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