Monday, November 02, 2020

I am Standing to Attention

I imagine (or hope, anyway) y'all don't expect a lot from me for the next forty-eight hours -- I'm gonna try to "write" "things" but I don't know if I'll be able to focus real good. And "forty-eight hours" is of course up in the air -- who knows how long this chaotic-mindset will drag on for? Anyway! Let's give this one a go because this is some news shot straight up my alley -- a Vietnam war movie called The Things They Carried (based on a collection of short stories by Tim O’Brien about the individual members of a single platoon) has just been cast with So Many Hot Actors. Stephan James is one...

... then you pile on top of him Tye Sheridan!
And Bill Skarsgård! And Ashton Sanders
from Moonlight! And Tom Hardy!
Ohh and Martin Sensmeier!

We love Martin Sensmeier. I very much recommend clicking on this link if you'd like to love Martin Sensmeier too, or already do and would like a reminder. Anyway supposedly this book is well-regarded -- I surely haven't read it because I have very little patience or energy for War Fiction, but I'll see the movies once all the Hot Actors get cast in them! Have you read it? Bad news though: the movie is going to be directed by that douchebag Rupert Sanders -- he's not even a good director, Hollywood! No need to toss him a bone. Anyway I'm cheap and vulgar so I'll forget that information the second I see Tye Sheridan in a uniform, pay me no mind.


Carl said...

The book is excellent, but there's not really an overarching plot (the through-line on the stories is clear, but it's largely thematic), so you'd need a really talented writer and director to make a successful but still recognizable adaptation. That said, the cast sure is pretty.

FoxVerde said...

there is a horror movie called "his house" that is amazing. the male lead character reminds me of this guy.

Jason Adams said...

It's on Netflix right? I almost watched it this weekend but didn't

FoxVerde said...

yes very good!