Friday, November 06, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from: 

Lincoln (2012) 
Mary Todd Lincoln: [to Thaddeus Stevens] How the people love my husband. They flock to see him by their thousands on public days. They will never love you the way they love him. How difficult it must be for you to know that, and yet how important to remember it.

A happy 74 to Sally Field today!
What's your favorite Sally Field?
I have but one answer to give:


creamycamper said...

Soapdish all the way!!

Anonymous said...

Norma fucking Rae


joel65913 said...

That is my favorite sequence in the whole of Lincoln, a film I love a great deal, and how masterfully both she and Tommy Lee Jones play it.

How I love this woman!!!! Always have always will.

For a favorite I'm really torn between Soapdish and Steel Magnolias, she's brilliant in both in such different ways.

But there is so much more to her career. I've enjoyed all four (well five but The Court was so short-lived) of her TV series, even The Flying Nun which I know she hated, but Brothers & Sisters was my fave of them. Everyone was good on the show but I lived for scenes between Ron Rifkin and she. They might not have looked like the most convincing brother and sister but the intricacies they invested into the dynamic between them was fantastic.

My Sally top 10:

Soapdish/Steel Magnolias
Kiss Me Goodbye
A Cooler Climate
Norma Rae
Hello, My Name is Doris
Places in the Heart
Smokey and the Bandit-Her role is nothing that challenges her in any way but she's still a breezy delight in it.

Two of those are TV movies but she did several others that are worth seeing. I'd rank them in this order:

1. Maybe I'll Come Home in the Spring-Eleanor Parker and Jackie Cooper are her parents, David Carradine her estranged boyfriend and the theme is sung by Linda Ronstadt!
2. All the Way Home
3. Home for the Holidays-A crazy horror movie with Sally, Eleanor Parker (a year after she'd played Sally's mother!), Jessica Walter and Jill Haworth as sisters! Walter Brennan as their father! And Julie Harris as their stepmother!
4. Hitched
5. Marriage: Year One
6. Bridger
7. Mongo's Back in Town

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen that one where she plays a standup comic?

Jim said...

Just finished watched Soapdish again yesterday! Love it and Sally generally.

Shawny said...

Had to be Sybil. There’s never been a performance like it before or since.