Tuesday, October 20, 2020

You Can See My Hand Through It

The 2020 version of Rebecca, directed by ben Wheatley and starring Lily James & Armie Hammer -- is hitting Netflix tomorrow! Here's the trailer if you missed it -- I haven't been able to see the new film myself yet so I have no toughts to offer just yet, except what I've been saying all along: let's try to go into this thing with an open mind. I'm no longer using any energy crusading against "remakes" -- Luca Guadagnino's Suspiria, masterpiece that it is, totally broke me of that habit. So I dearly hope that Wheatley's indeed able to mine new shit from old shit! We'll all win! Anyway for today I'm looking back at the best thing about Hitch's 1940 classic, Judith Anderson's turn as the infamously lesbionic housekeeper Mrs. Danvers, for my "Great Moments in Actressing" series at The Film Experience -- click on over to read that! It remains the gold standard by which all other creepy queer servants will forever be judged. I do wish Kristin Scott Thomas the best though!

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