Monday, October 19, 2020

Jake Lacy Getting Lei'd By Mike White

Oh this is some hot damn happy news for a Monday afternoon wasteland -- HBO is getting back in the Mike White business! They've just given the Enlightened creator slash genius the green-light for six episodes of The White Lotus, a "social satire" (I mean it's Mike White, what else would it be?) set at a Hawaiian resort that follows a big bunch of guests and employees. Names attached already via Deadline (thx Mac) are here at the start the great and somehow still under-utilized Jake Lacy seen up top (not to mention in all of MNPP's many Jake Lacy posts), Connie Britton (who was really terrific in White's 2017 film Beatriz At Dinner), the wonderful Steve Zahn, Jennifer effing Coolidge (!!!!!), and Looking hunk Murray Bartlett, he of the hirsute Butt-hued queerness seen below. Unless a helicopter crashes on Donald Trump's head (fingers crossed) this is the best news we'll hear this week! 


Matty said...

IF God is real, I will get a Murray/Jake L. hookup in this show.

Jason Adams said...

As much as I want to see that too I would be surprised, as Mike White has proven to be the least sexual gay filmmaker of all time! Keep in mind I say that but he's in my top five of living creators, easy -- I have adored everything he's done. Sex just doesn't seem very important to him, story-wise at least. And honestly I'm glad we have somebody like him making stuff too. He does what I cannot, bless him!

Anonymous said...

What about chuck and buck ?