Friday, October 16, 2020

It's a Jungleland Out There

It doesn't seem right that I have only mentioned the movie Jungleland only once here on the site. Jungleland, in case you're unaware, is a "bare knuckle boxing brothers" movie that stars Charlie Hunnam and Jack O'Connell, and already you see my point. 

But the thing is they're not even the reason I mentioned the movie the one time. I mentioned the movie the one time last July because I mentioned that Lovecraft Country and The Last Black Man in San Francisco star Jonathan Majors was in it. 

But as you can tell by that gif there, from the just released trailer, the fun doesn't stop at Hunnam, O'Connell, and Majors -- Majors bad-guy sidekick appears to be played by Dollhouse actor (and the owner of a perfect chest) Fran Kranz! 

But wait, wait, wait, that's not even all! The female lead (because there's got to be one lest this all be as gay as we want it to be) is played by...

... my beloved Jessica Barden, who's been an MNPP fave ever since Hanna a decade ago. And every time we've seen her since -- in Far From the Madding Crowd, in The Lobster, on Penny Dreadful and The End of the F***ing World and most recently Lambs of God, she's wowed us anew. We adore Jessica Barden. This cast is insane!

I actually just went and looked up the casting director to tell him -- his name is Douglas Aibel and he's got an amazing batch of credits stretching back to the 80s (he's done basically all of the Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach movies) -- thanks for reading the site. Because he must read MNPP, right? Casting this Jungleland cast? 

Very specifically for me? (He also cast The Devil All the Time earlier this year with Holland & Pattinson & Stan & Skarsgard & Wasikowska & Bennett & Keough & Clarke, so... I mean, obviously.)

Anyway. Back to Jungleland. The film was directed by Max Winkler and will be released "in theaters" on November 6th and then hit VOD four days later, on November 10th. I can't wait to sink into my couch and gape in awe at all my people! Here's the trailer:

I've got a few more gifs from the trailer after the jump...

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