Monday, October 26, 2020

Good Morning, World

Has anybody watch AMC's new sci-fi tinged series called Soulmates? It's an anthology show about a world fifteen years in the future where a company has figured out how to find, you guessed it, everybody's perfect soulmate, but yadda yadda complications have complications. Anyway all I give a shit about at the moment is the fourth episode which, as you see above, stars Bill Skarsgård and Utopia actor Nathan Stewart-Jarrett (and when I say "Utopia" I speak of the original Utopia, the one that matters) (although that's not totally fair since I haven't finished the remake yet and I don't entirely hate it) (but still, original Utopia will not be surpassed) as the titular mates o' the soul, ones who -- via all the images I've seen -- spend the majority of the episode half-naked. So really all I'm asking is if any of you have seen this specific episode, and if I should go find it and watch it immediately. Well? (Also good morning.)


Shawny said...

Haven’t seen this but will do so. Looks good.
And btw, you should see The Queen’s Gambit. It’s quite engrossing. Lots of cute boys, though they aren’t featured, and no skin.

Jason Adams said...

I am totally going to watch TQG when I get a chance! It's on my list. I love Anya