Thursday, October 22, 2020

Good Morning, World

The actor Kyle Gallner posted the above video on his birthday one year ago today, but I'm sharing it today, on his birthday 2020-style, because it only recently came to my attention -- thanks to the crazy fun film Dinner in America which I watched for the Nightstream Festival a week or two ago...

... that I love him. Oh I'd loved him on Veronica Mars back in the day, but that was... in a different way than I am speaking of now. Where has my mind been all this time? I have been missing the eff out. I really recommend taking a deep dive into his Instagram, which is all tank tops and babies and puppies and him being crazy adorable. Just spend the whole day there. You got something better to do? Yeah I thought so. Happy birthday, Kyle!

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Little preview of a Photoshoot I did.

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anonymous said...

He really was excellent in V mars and made a good snack for Megan Fox in Jennifer's body. Why am I attracted to these types of guys, sultry scrappy skater boys reminds me of Ryan Donowho hmm going to IMDb.... makin movies makin moves and he is still fine and bringing it back to 1999.