Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Before the Fury

Big news in the post-apocalyptic landscape today, my dears -- George Miller's officially announced that Fury Road prequel about Charlize Theron's character called Furiosa, which has been chattered about for a bit! And... no, it doesn't have Chris Hemsworth taking over the role for Charlize Theron. I just wanted to use that picture of Chris Hemsworth. Chris Hemsworth is indeed in the cast though, which is new news -- it's not like I'm pulling a Chris Hemsworth photo out of my ass. [Ed. - No comment.] He'll be playing... oh we don't know, some man who'll have dust on his clothes though, I am sure. It won't be a younger Tom Hardy, since that wouldn't make any sense, visually or story-wise. 

Anyway! Getting to the rest of the point -- Anya Taylor-Joy is taking over for Theron as the younger Furiosa, and that's terrific casting, good for her. She'll probably get to have both of her arms even -- will we see the moment she loses her arm? I wouldn't exactly reel with shock if that was a part of the plot. Also joining Miller's world of insanity is Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen, and y'all know how we feel about him. Hey maybe him and Chris can dare I say play a couple? The Mad Max world could use some queerness that's not just Mel Gibson's ass in leather pants and Tina Turner's slinky-earrings.

I'll admit I'm sad we're not going to see more of Charlize and Tom Hardy but given the nightmare they all endured on that set I can't say I'm surprised. And as wonderful as they both were in the film -- and those are some Class-A-Plus Action Movie star-turns -- the Mad Max movies live and die by their directorial vision and with George Miller there symphonizing the mayhem I am ticket-purchased this very day. What I'm actually most sad about is NO NUX!!!

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Anonymous said...

I've rolled my eyes every time I see Anya Taylor-Joy being cast in something because over a year ago, she was announced to headline the Weetzie Bat adaptation (which has had zero development since "casting" the leads) and now that she's got 6 projects on her roster, I'm realizing that Weetzie Bat ain't gonna happen.

Yahya forever, though!