Monday, October 12, 2020

Alex Makes An Entrance

I was about to start this post by saying I don't know how I missed the drop of the full trailer for the new miniseries version of Stephen King's The Stand, starring Alexander Skarsgard and James Marsden and you know a cast of thousands besides those two pretty people playing the head bad and good guys respectively, but then I realized that obviously I missed any news of note last week -- I have been awful busy with all the film fest stuff! Right, Alex?

He gets it. Anyway yes the full trailer dropped, and if you missed
it like I did let's watch it right now together!

I think they give us a glimpse or two of most everybody in there -- pretty excited about the looks at Watchmen's Jovan Adepo as Larry and Heather Graham as Rita in New York, and after Shirley I'll follow Odeesa Young anywhere... 

... and I dare any of you to say you wouldn't do whatever Alexander Skarsgard told you to do if he suddenly was right behind you, leaning over you, whispering in your ear. I'd be so screwed! Happily off to Vegas with my Sex Demon Skarsgard! Sorry, James Marsden!

I love you but this is Alexander Skarsgard with a beard, skintight jeans, and a large scorpion belt buckle. I cannot be held accountable for all the murdering I do in the name of these things. Anyway! The Stand drops on CBS All Access December 19th. Prepare your bodies.

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