Friday, September 25, 2020

Which is Hotter?

I... have never posted this photo before? It's a shot from his 2018 cover-shoot for VMAN magazine, which I did indeed post at the time (right here), but I somehow missed this one? Very strange. It's got everything -- giant sweaters, Timmy's bony little knees. Everything. (Those two things are now for the purposes of this post my definition of everything.) Anyway I find it comforting there are photos of Timothee I haven't posted before -- who knows what wonders and secrets the world has left to spill? On that note this week we've seen two different designs for Timmy's Dune action figures (via, thx Mac) -- there's the McFarlane one and the Funko Pop one. And since it's lunchtime and I am otherwise engaged, here's a ridiculous poll to pass some time:



Shelf Discovery said...

When do we get the Bel Ami fan art?

Anonymous said...

i'd rather have a sexy, bearded oscar issac action figure.

they made a bunch for star wars but the likeness was horrible on all of them :(