Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Good Morning, World

(click to embiggen) Some days, some nights, some mid-afternoon teas, you just need a John-John fix (does anybody else hear "John-John" in the voice of Elaine Benes?), and last evening for me was one of them. I tweeted out four shots of the original prince of the tides John F. Kennedy Jr. in short-shorts (you can see that below) but I set aside this shot of him wandering the rocks of some no-doubt upscale schooning and fishing village in nothing but some tighty-whities for us this morning, as a treat. There are other shots from this moment that has thankfully been suspended in forever time thanks to modern technology, and you can find them if you lose yourself in our miniature but substantial enough JFK Jr. Archives at this link. I want back to this timeline.

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