Monday, September 28, 2020

Good Morning, World

I'm not even sure what movie the above Jean-Paul Belmondo moment is from but I'm having me one of my many Belmondo moments after re-watching Godard's masterpiece Pierrot Le Fou yesterday -- as I told you recently it's hitting Criterion on October 6th and I can now report the disc is top notch -- and so here we are. Anybody know the film? I got the gif off Tumblr and it wasn't labeled. Anyway if y'all follow me on Twitter you could probably already sense a lil' Belmondo tsunami was imminent...

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Pierce said...

I just watched Contempt, and while Michel Piccoli is hot (woof, that hairy chest), Bardot is sexy and Palance does his best, it's too long and chatty. Pierrot Le Fou is much better. I hope the subtitles work on the Criterion disc. When I got the film from the library a few years ago, the titles flashed by so fast, you couldn't read them.

There are two Belmondo movies I really love. Of course one is Breathless. He and Jean Seberg are so divine together. However, Claude LaLouche did a film of Les Miserable with Belmondo as an illiterate truck driver taking refugees over the border during WWII. His fee is that they read Les Miserables to him. It's a beautiful movie!