Friday, September 25, 2020

Quote of the Day

"It would be hard to get me to watch any of my movies once I’m done, but I have been thinking about this one, remembering back to when I was writing it, trying at the time to get across this sense of anxiety, and the earthquake in the movie seeming like a way to do that. The idea of a big one, the big one. And now I’m like, “Oh, we’re in the big one.” I guess I sort of hope that the scene where Evan’s character comes out of the bathroom and is transformed, well, I want us all to come out of the bathroom one day and into the light, and for everything in the mini-mart to seem delicious and amazing and to shake someone’s hand for too long."

That quote from director and awesome person Miranda July will make slightly more sense once y'all finally see her new movie Kajillionaire, which is hitting some theaters today, but you probably get the gist of it enough to see how poignant it is given, and here I gesticulate wildly, all this shit. Anyway now that I have mostly stopped gesticulating I ask you, go here, to this link if you missed it, where I reviewed Kajillionaire, a very fine movie. And the rest of July's interview is over at Interview Magazine

PS this is usually the time of the week where I say goodbye until Monday, but we're in the middle of the New York Film Festival so that's not the case -- I've got a review going up at The Film Experience later tonight and there may be more over the weekend popping up, so your eyes and fingertips, keep 'em peeled and glued to this place.

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