Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Good Morning, World

Did y'all watch Narcos? I didn't watch Narcos even though I love its leading men with the heat of a vinyl backseat in Charleston August -- Pedro Pascal! Wagner Moura! And today's birthday boy, Boyd Holbrook! I just seem to have an aversion to dramas about the drug wars -- I can't think of a single one I love. I don't even truly love Brian De Palma's Scarface (besides Michelle Pfieffer obviously) -- if you asked me to rank my favorite BDP movies Scarface probably wouldn't even crack the Top 10. 

Anyway I don't know why I am talking about Scarface now -- it's Boyd Holbrook's birthday! I deeply, profoundly recommend you take a hike through our Boyd Holbrook Archives here at MNPP -- there are posts, like this one especially, that will show you why he's a fave... in ways these gifs from Narcos might not. Not that I'm discrediting what's seen here! The stache, after all. But these are a little vanilla and when you see some of his modeling shoots from his younger days... hoo doggy. That's some Neapolitan shit. Hit the jump for the rest...

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Anonymous said...

yeh he has a whole body of work showing of his body for work, he could look sloppy and fill out DiCaprio style but still appear like a spunky twink. I'm not into narcotics history either but I stuck it out maybe it was Pedro Pascal and his 70s pants. if that doesn't get you there it also has the pretty Jon-Michael Ecker, Michael Stahl-David and Alberto Ammann (aaaafuckingman)