Wednesday, September 30, 2020

All In For Yeun

I'm getting a real hard We the Animals vibe off of the just-dropped trailer for Minari, A24's forthcoming awards-bait contender starring Steven Yeun which won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance at the start of 2020, and if y'all remember how hard I fell for We the Animals you'll get how good that looks for Minari. Looks like Yeun plays a Korean man who drags his family to Bumfucke, USA (otherwise known as "Arkansas") to farm and find one another circa the 1990s -- I'm not familiar with any of writer-director Lee Isaac Chung's other work but this looks really gorgeous. Watch:

A24 says this is "Coming Soon" but they haven't dropped an actual
release date on us just yet -- we'll let ya know when they do. 
We love Yeun so much! Thank god he escaped The Walking Dead.

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