Thursday, August 06, 2020

What Did You Say

Sure enough I couldn't help myself and I watched the trailer for the new Charlie Kaufman movie I'm Thinking of Ending Things this morning, even though -- who needs convincing? I don't need convincing. I was on-board with this movie not just when I posted the poster and new images yesterday, not just when it was announced way back, not just when Charlie Kaufman slipped out of his mother's insides -- I was convinced I would see this movie when the first atom split in two. 

That's a very Charlie Kaufman thing of me to say, especially in regards to the through-line of this trailer, which is all about time slippage -- not that I don't think this movie will still surprise and astound me but I sort of wish they'd kept their more Kaufman-esque cards closer to their vest; this could've been sold as a more straightforward thriller about going home with a boyfriend to meet his parents who turn out to be weirdos.

What I am saying is they might alienate some rubes with all the flights of intellectual fancy already on display here? Stuff those heart pills into the dog-food and trick them rubes, Netflix! It's good for them to see things they don't expect, be challenged, every once in awhile. They'll more than likely hate it but they'll remember it, and some will be changed for the better.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things drops September 4th.

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Anonymous said...

Toni Colette and Charlie Kaufman seem like a great fit. Surprised they haven’t worked together before.