Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Pics of the Day

I was nosing around the press site for Charlie Kaufman's upcoming Netflix movie I'm Thinking of Ending Things just now -- if you missed it earlier I showed y'all the poster, along with the news that we're seeing our first trailer tomorrow! -- when I stumbled upon these two photos which are new to me, what a thrill! And when I say "What a thrill" what I am really talking about is the sight of Toni Collette just below -- I don't know what good deeds I've done to deserve getting Toni Collette in a Charlie Kaufman movie at last but having survived through this much of 2020 (so far) I will accept it, gladly. Make sure you come back for the trailer tomorrow! The movie is out on September 4th! Less than a month to go!

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