Wednesday, August 26, 2020

John David Washington Five Times

Back in June I shared a few photos with you of JDW here in Esquire magazine, the US edition, and asked if y'all were planning on seeing Christopher Nolan's Tenet on a big screen or not -- most of you said you were not planning on it. But now the real test is here! Because the movie is apparently out, in some places! Not here in NYC so I don't have to make any decisions (I love not making decisions), not that it even was one for me since I am cold and indifferent to Christopher Nolan movies on the best of days.... years. In the best of years, even! Of which 2020 most assuredly doesn't make the list. Anyway if y'all go see Tenet the best of luck with that -- stay safe, please! I personally am fine and happy just sitting here with this new batch of Esquire photos of JDW, this time via the German edition, and the remainder of which you can see right on after the jump...

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