Wednesday, June 10, 2020

John David Washington Three Times


Where do you guys stand on Christopher Nolan's Tenet still coming out on July 17th in actual movie theaters? I personally am not ready to get back inside a movie theater any time soon -- maybe not even until there's a vaccine for COVID honestly. And even with the pretty person party that is Mr. Washington here (pics via) swanning around alongside Robert Pattinson and Elizabeth Debicki, well, to be blunt Christopher Nolan is not the man for the job of convincing me otherwise. I know I'm the odd boy out with the opinion that Dunkirk stank and Nolan hasn't made a good movie since, like, The Dark Knight, and even that not unreservedly. But as odd boy out all the headlines asking "Can Christopher Nolan Save The Movies???" leave me scratching my head... as in scratching my eyeballs out.So I put the question to y'all!

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