Monday, August 10, 2020

Douglass Montgomery Ten Times

One of my the best of my recent first-time old-movie watches was catching up with James Whale's 1931 flick Waterloo Bridge, which was the only title I wasn't familiar with on TCM's recommend first volume of pre-code stunners called "Forbidden Hollywood" alongside my previously beloved two-some of Baby Face and Red-Headed Woman, and which stars this chap here, Douglass Montgomery You may recognize him as "Laurie" in the 1933 version of Little Women.  He's Depression-Era Timmy!

As you can tell from that photo of him on the right from Waterloo Bridge director James Whale, or at least his camera, was clearly infatuated with Montgomery -- he looks spectacular in the movie, as iconically peroxided a doughboy as any I've seen. Whale's eye is trained like a laser on him looking lovely in his uniform -- I kept thinking of the passages in Gods & Monsters where Ian McKellen playing Whale talks about all of the gay love affairs down in the WWI fox-holes -- you can feel Whale working some stuff out, for sure.

Anyway I found it interesting that these two big early Hollywood roles of Douglass' were for two of its most infamous homosexual directors -- Whale and George Cukor, I mean. There isn't much personal info on Douglass online -- he got married to actress Kay Young in the mid-50s and they stayed together until he died in 1966 -- but I have to admit he set my feelers off. I got a ding on the gaydar from him. Anybody familiar with him and his work? Hit the jump for a few more worthwhile photos...

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