Monday, August 31, 2020

Army Brats Gone Wild

So much content dropping this morning I can barely type my fat little fingers fast enough. It's just fourteen days until Luca Guadagnino's limited series We Are Who We Are drops onto HBO and they've just dropped a new trailer -- see the previous one here -- which gives us a much fuller idea...

... of what the show is and about.  I am getting hard Euphoria-in-Italy vibes? But I much say the trailer is much fuller, except -- and it's a big except! -- I don't think we see much of Synonyms actor Tom Mercier in this one? That is unacceptable, especially given...

... the shit Tom's been sharing on his social media this past weekend. He is owed! So here I am, mentioning him. Anyway WAWWA premieres on September 14th and I don't think I need to tell y'all I will be there, like gangbusters. And I hope you will be joining me! Here's the new trailer:

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