Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Quote of the Day

“I had met with Derek [Simonds, creator of The Sinner TV series) years ago when he was involved in Call Me by Your Name, and we’d hit it off creatively and had a great conversation..." Simonds and Bomer discussed the possibility of the actor playing Oliver. “I obviously loved the material; I loved talking with him about it. I thought it had real potential. Then he went on to do other things and I went on to do other things.”

That there is the openly gay actor Matthew Bomer saying on Variety's podcast this week that he'd once been considered for the role of "Oliver" in CMBYN way back in the day, pre-Luca. Considering there were ten years between when Andre Aciman's book was published in 2007 and when the film was released I imagine there are plenty of people who were in the mix over the years -- we know that Shia LaBeouf was real close to playing Oliver too. 

Anyway I think things worked out great the way they worked out -- uhh obviously -- so I'm not too torn up about Bomer not playing the role; having one or hell both of the actors in the movie actually be gay might have added something -- not that I think it needs anything added, mind you! -- sort of intangible, we'll never know. 

But also keep in mind that when the book was released in 2007 Matt Bomer was already 30 years old and still in the closet (he didn't come out until 2012) so depending on when his version would've been made he probably would've been even older than Armie was (Armie was 30 when they filmed the movie, which is a sticking point for some people) and as far as we knew through 2012 Bomer was still heterosexual. But yes, Matt Bomer would've looked real good in Oliver's short-shorts as well, that's true. 

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Anonymous said...

My problem wasn't necessarily that Hammer was 30. It was that he LOOKED 30. There's a HUGE difference between 30 and 24, especially when in a romance with a 17-year-old. I think it would've made a huge difference had they actually someone who looks 24.

Having said that, I do think Hammer gave a wonderful performance. He just looked too old.