Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Which is Hotter?

Last night came word that director David Lowery -- who made one of my favorite movies of the decade with A Ghost Story, although his remake of Pete's Dragon (which I still haven't seen) is probably more apt to the conversation at hand -- is going to tackle Disney's live-action Peter Pan movie, following in the footsteps of blah blah all of their other live-action remakes of their animated features which I have totally stopped watching at this point. But I might see this one? David Lowery is very talented, and Peter Pan exists as an idea outside of the Disney movie more than say The Lion King, which i think gives him more room to wiggle. They're also titling it Peter Pan and Wendy so I imagine they'll maybe recognize that Peter Pan is actually a girl's story this time out? Imagine that! Anyway I'll also probably watch it because Jude Law is probably going to play Captain Hook, and as Colin O'Donoghue attests I love me a Hot Hook. On that note I ask y'all...

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