Thursday, July 23, 2020

Pics of the Day

The Venice Film Festival is apparently still planning on having an in-person festival in September, and they've just announced the films that will be screening in the Venice Day section of the fest -- what caught our eye, why we care at all (since we obviously ain't going), is that the Closing Night Film of that section will be gay punk provocateur Bruce La Bruce's new movie called Saint-Narcisse. Here's how they describe the plot:

"... set in 1972 Canada, [Saint-Narcisse] follows Dominic, a handsome narcissistic young man who discovers the existence of his twin brother, living in a remote monastery lead by a depraved priest. The pic is considered LaBruce’s most ambitious work to date. His Gerontophilia played at Venice in 2013."

Weirdly that plot description that Venice gives is almost totally different from the one on IMDb, besides the kernel of the idea of a "young man" looking for lost relatives in the middle of nowhere --here's how IMDb describes the movie:

"When a young man who thought his mother was dead discovers that she may still be alive, he goes on a quest to find her. His journey takes him to a remote cabin in the woods where his mother lives in exile with a mysterious young woman."

I suspect all of these things are true of the plot -- it's just funny how one frames it as far less filthy an experience than the other. IMDb is like "A touching story of family reunited..." while Venice is all like "Getcha Twincest here!!!"


Anonymous said...


Have you watched The Kissing Game? Its a Brazilian queer horror show that Just premiered in Netflix. And its very good

Anonymous said...

Its written and directed by Juliana rojas, the director of the good manners, the Brazilian lesbian musical werewolf fable movie

Shawny said...

Hiiiiiiilarious, the difference between the two descriptions. Needless to say the IMDB description is not to be trusted, it’s fuckin BLB! I’ve not liked a single one of his films yet, but I always look forward to them, if that makes any sense.

Carl said...

I feel similar to Shawny. I'm simultaneously thinking "I have to see this" and "There is no way I will actually like this."

Gus said...

The synopsis on the website of the production company reads:

"Separated from their ostracized lesbian mother shortly after they were born in 1950, identical twin brothers Dominic and Daniel grew up not knowing of each other's existence. While Dominic is lovingly nurtured by his grandmother in Montreal, twin Daniel is raised by a depraved priest in a distant monastery. In 1972, destiny reunites the long-lost twins in a blaze of sex, revenge and redemption."

We need more movies with ostracized lesbian mothers. Also this being BlB I can only imagine the blaze of sex, revenge and redemption.