Thursday, July 02, 2020

Huzzah For Hulu!

Wipe that furrowed half-frown off your beautiful face, Nicholas Hoult -- we have wonderful news to report today! Hulu has just renewed The Great, Nicky's fantabulous Russian Monarchy program with Elle Fanning, for a second season! They say it will be another ten episodes, so oil yourselves up for twice as much as we now have. And prepare the bear! I know I already posted the gifs from Nicholas' already-legendary long nude walk on the show (right here) but to celebrate today here are a pair of images where his co-stars Elle & Phoebe Fox behave exactly (well... almost) like I would act under such glorious circumstances (click to embiggen):


RSL said...

i'm just here to make a golden globes [nick's buns] dad joke

MTMSLG said...

Best binge I've had so far.

Xamalion said...

Best show this year so far. Fanning is phenomenal.