Thursday, July 30, 2020

Good Morning, World

Feeling nostalgic this morning for some original flavor Queer as Folk with Charlie Hunnam and Aidan Gillen, which has been on Amazon Prime for ages now and I feel a real cad for not having given a re-watch. I have seen the show again at least once since it first aired in 1999 but it doesn't matter how much time has passed -- this is one show that will transport me like a lightning bolt back to that time and place in my life. 

I was only a couple of years older than Nathan was supposed to be on the show and everything he was going through while still in high school I was going through in college (late bloomer, a la a lot of us gays back then) -- one of the reasons I'll love Chuck all my days, no matter how many bad movies or stupid things he says in the press. Anyway this scene from I think the show's second episode, presenting us with The Morning After after Nathan (Hunnam) has slept with Stuart (Gillen) for the first time, meaning he has slept with a man for the very first time, well it brings me back lemme tell ya. Sometimes I picture this scene instead of what really happened! Not that I have anything I need to forget -- those are good happy memories. 

But seriously -- the first time you showered in another man's shower? The first time another man walked into the bathroom and saw you, and looked at you, in that way? It's a charge, man. Made everything suddenly seem possible. Anyway I know it's ridiculous to think we'll get a QAF: 25 Years Later special in a couple of years but I'm hoping anyway -- Hunnam & Gillen just worked together with the King Arthur movie recently and spoke kindly about their past, uhh, working relationship. Keep hope alive! And hit the jump for a few more gifs from this scene...

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