Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Good Morning, World

Yesterday after those wetsuit pictures broke I went scrolling alllll the way back through all exactly two-hundred posts in MNPP's Aaron Taylor-Johnson Archives (we've been at it for so long with him that they're labeled just Aaron Johnson!) to see if I'd ever posted the better quality, text-free versions of these ancient photos of Aaron modeling Calvin Klein underwear, and 1) I never did post them, and 2) the versions I did post, smaller and with text, were actually the very first Aaron Johnson post I ever posted! So this seems like a nice look-back take-stock chance for all of us together. We've come so far, Aaron! I mean now we've seen what's under these CK tighty-whities and it didn't disappoint -- so far, we've come. In related news Aaron's new Christopher Nolan movie got delayed again or whatever. Click these pictures to embiggen much!


RSL said...

these photos left me... breathless when i first saw them and now as well. yeah, lets go with breathless.

Anonymous said...

I've got the Wednesday morning vapors after being greeted by this post! What a damn body. And that puckish facial expression in pic #2. I'm taking a break from my virtual work desk.