Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Don't Go in the Attic, Alec!

A couple days ago I spoke of having thirteen billion reviews of very good horror movies nipping at my heels to write -- well I managed to get one of 'em out today, huzzah for moi, and if you click on over to AwardsWatch you can read my thoughts on Amulet, starring God's Own Country actor Alec Secareanu and the one and only Imelda Staunton. I previously posted Amulet's trailer right here -- the film's hitting VOD this weekend, and you can see where and how you'd watch it at this link. The "why" you'd watch it is in my review though. Although that photo above of Alec is a lotta reason in itself, innit? He's such a dreamboat. Give us a God's Own Country sequel, Francis Lee! But just like him and Josh O'Connor sitting around bottomless for two hours, I don't want anything bad or actually dramatic to ruin that movie's happy ending.

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Owen said...

Yesssssssss I’ve been craving more of him since Gods Own Country.