Thursday, July 09, 2020

Caption This!


"If somebody held a blacklight up right 
now the story these shirts would tell!"

I feel as if I should give you all a Safe Space where you can write your captions for the above photo, like how Tom Holland is asking for, but maybe you have ones you don't want to attach your name publicly to. Ones that might force Tom Holland and/or Jake Gyllenhaal to alert the authorities. The comments here at MNPP are totally that Safe Space.


Shawny said...

Jake: C’mon man, really? You had to fart now?

VRC-Do You! said...

Tom: Daddy, I will be over at 6:00 PM...Ropes or feathers... said...

Who ever starts first supplies the lube

Anonymous said...

Is he old enough for my thoughts?

Jason Adams said...

He is 24 in years but clearly like 35, 40 in deed

Anonymous said...

They look like the dead eyed guys I used to see in the baths. But those guys were never this hot.

James T said...

Jake: Who's Ace?
Tom: Your dick, daddy.
Jake: Where does it belong?
Tom: In my hole, daddy.

I think Tom would appreciate it but, well, this is just for y'all guys.

Anonymous said...

Line reading for 'Brokeback Mountain 2: Climb that Mountain'