Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Joel Edgerton Five Times

A happy 46 to writer-director-bearded-wonder Joel Edgerton today! (Hey remember this? Good times.) These photos here (via) are now two years old but I don't believe I posted them at the time, so now's best as never. Here's better than always? I don't know, my brain's not screwed on straight today. If you'd like to you guys can tell me your favorite Joel performances in the comments, and then let's just look at the rest of these photos after the jump...


John said...

I saw Boy Erased when it came out. I cried at the end when they showed the credits. I want my boyfriend to see it and I will be with him in NY hopefully in the next 2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I know he's done sooooo many and I always love the chaotic and character performances I've seen but somehow I come back to the first thing I saw him in, The Secret Life of Us, shot and filmed in my suburb. So maybe I'm a little bias, I'm sure he wouldn't love that idea but I always liked the seriousness of that gentle playful unassuming character more than I liked his gruff roles.
Honestly, I want to see more but I'll settle for Sam Reid being a constant leading man instead, sorry Joel. More Debicki more Sam more Joel we need all the positive representation we can get because Mel Gibson is the tip of the iceberg it feels like these days. jeezuz there's only so much Blanchette can do. There is a funny moment in a nida doc where all his fellow students, now working actors are just roffling at how Gibson, the worst student, made it big. But I digress. End of Edgerton treatise.
Thanks again for all that you do.