Monday, June 29, 2020

Good Morning, World


Somebody somewhere last week mentioned the 1991 rom-com L.A. Story starring Steve Martin as the beleaguered weather-person Harris K. Telemacher and I realized, upon said mention, that it'd been ages since I'd seen the movie, which had been a favorite circa high school -- anyway over the three day weekend I gave the film a re-watch and lemme tell you what, L.A. Story holds up.

It's a shame the movie isn't available to stream anywhere, free-wise I mean -- t's about the same price to buy the whole DVD of the film as it is to rent it on Amazon. Even cheaper if you buy a used copy, which I recommend. This movie's a delight and I don't often say that about Straight People Romance. Steve Martin though, right? We love Steve Martin. I think I thought Steve directed this film but he only wrote it -- did you know this was directed by the same man who made Volcano? Volcano, The Bodyguard, and this. Oh and the Temple Grandin movie. You go Mick Jackson with your weird career.


Eugene said...

It would be hard for me to give LA Story a second chance. Love Steve Martin. But, I saw LA Story in a theatre when it came out and my main memory of it was how dreadful Victoria Tenant was in every scene. Took me right out of the movie because I thought she was so bad. What made it worse is that Steve was married to her at the time. I remember thinking "blinded by love". I didn't check to see if they were still married. And can't really remember much about the movie except how much I hated her performance.

Jason Adams said...

I won't disagree with you 100%, I do think VT is the film's weakest link, but I also think there's something charming about how off-kilter her presence makes the romance. She's... unexpected. She doesn't feel like she ever strains to be likable. She remains somewhat unknown. The most successful love stories are supposed to make you fall in love with both of the on-screen lovers and I don't think this movie does that, but I also think it works in its own odd way, like a window into somebody else's wavelength. I don't speak their secret language, but I get it, and admire that it's theirs and theirs alone.

Eugene said...

Well we can totally agree on everything about BOTH War of the Worlds. Can't wait for the Criterion. :)