Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Good Morning, Ascension

Good Morning & Happy Sufjan Stevens New Music Announcement Day!!! I got to my office and the first email that greeted me today was one from Sufjan's label Asthmatic Kitty announcing The Ascension, Sufjan's first album of new music (save some side-projects) since the beautiful and perfect Carrie & Lowell in 2016. Here's the cover:
That is a very Sufjan cover. Reminds me of The Age of Adz cover. Anyway click on over here for purchasing information -- the 15-track record will be out on September 25th. Here are the track titles:

1. Make Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse (5:19)
2. Run Away With Me (4:07)
3. Video Game (4:16)
4. Lamentations (3:42)
5. Tell Me You Love Me (4:22)
6. Die Happy (5:47)
7. Ativan (6:32)
8. Ursa Major (3:43)
9. Landslide (5:04)
10. Gilgamesh (3:50)
11. Death Star (4:04)
12. Goodbye To All That (3:48)
13. Sugar (7:37)
14. The Ascension (5:56)
15. America (12:30)

Seeing an over-12-minute-long Sufjan song always gets me hard -- if anybody knows how to structure a song to infinity and beyond it's our sensitive folk boy from Michigan here. Am I a little bit sad that we're still not getting an official release of my favorite song "Majesty Snowbird" -- of course I am. But I think we're going to have to wait until he gets to the place where he's dropping a live-album about the tour that song was a part of, at this point. That 12-minute song called "America" is hilariously the first single for the record though, and in two days it will premiere right here:

I'll make sure to remind y'all of that in two days. Anyway it's impossible to suss out a theme for the album at this point, and hey maybe this one doesn't have an over-arching theme -- I'm surprised there's no statement attached to the announcement, he usually has something (plenty) to say. But the music always speaks for itself. Anyway this is a very good thing to wake up to! Always! Now let's make it better by posting some pictures of Sufjan in summertimes past to set our spirits to rise after the jump...


RSL said...

those pics of sufjan... sigh. i've never seen before but they're as good as i'd WAY OFTEN imagined

Mike Johnson said...

He could call me any name he wanted. Nice!