Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Life...

... you can learn from:

Permission (2017)

Lydia: I used to be a dental hygienist. 
I could get a dog. I could travel.
Will: Can I ask you something? The table? 
Did you really like it?
Lydia: Oh my god. The table is so beautiful.
Will: Yeah?
Lydia: I love it. It's just so honest. And I can love 
the table and I can wanna fuck you -- 
one does not diminish the other. You know?
Will: Cool.
A very happy 58th birthday to Gena Gershon today! You'd think I'd quote Showgirls today to honor her what with the Showgirls doc You Don't Nomi having hit streaming yesterday -- read my review here -- but she's so absolutely terrific and funny in Permission, the 2017 romantic-drama (reviewed here) starring Dan Stevens and Rebecca Hall as a long-term couple who decide to open up their sex life before making that dreaded Final Commitment. Gershon plays a rich lady client of Stevens' furniture maker who he ends up going home with -- this scene is part of the funniest sequence in the film where the two of them take some drugs and spend the whole day together, spilling their guts in the process.

I unabashedly love this movie, which isn't in my usual wheelhouse at all -- it just widens the scope of the typical navel-gazing enough, with strong enough performances from everybody involved (including the hot pieces of meat Morgan Spector and Francois Arnaud at their hot-meatiest), that it feels more truthful than what you necessarily expect going into it. (But then Rebecca Hall in particular couldn't play a false note if you tickled her while she recited Shakespeare.)


Tom M said...

Can I tickle Morgan Spector while he recites Shakespeare instead? Just asking.

Shawny said...

I have to say, I did like Showgirls, saw it back when it came out. Verhoven, despite the recent accusations against him, always turned out a good film. Black Book was sort of forgotten, but a great film. Haven’t seen his latest Elle yet, but it’s on my list.

Bdog said...

I worked w/ Morgan Spector last year, great guy.

Mike Johnson said...

Gershon is a goddess in our household,up there with the likes of Pfeiffer and Turner. And Arnaud is hot in everything. Loved his series, "Mystery, Texas." He was even in an episode of my beloved "Schitt's Creek." But "Permission" is his sexiest role to date.

MTMSLG said...

Arnaud is so sexy! The Borgia's, anyone?? Cardinal robes AND leather pants!! Swoon!