Friday, May 08, 2020

Good Morning, World

I know. Believe me, I know. I'll give y'all a minute to gather your breath, and to gather yourselves off of the floor, after witnessing that photo. I have spent a dozen years scouring this here internet for photos of French actor Jean-Paul Belmomdo -- you can see the years of posts at this link -- digging into every random nook and cranny, and yet only yesterday did this photo here make itself known to me. That beard! That butt! My god!

The photo is apparently from 1969 and it was supposedly taken by actress Ursula Andress -- did you know she broke up with gorgeous John Derek (who left his wife to be with her) to be with Belmondo in 1965 after they starred together in the movie Up To His Ears. And what a couple they made, my god! Hit the jump for a bunch of photos of them being the hottest goddamn duo under the sun...

PS I have actually posted about 
these two before -- see here for that.

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Pierce said...

One of the sexiest images in cinema history is the scene in Breathless where he and Jean Seberg are laying on the bed completely clothed and both are wearing sunglasses!