Tuesday, April 14, 2020

It's Hip to Be Bale

Today marks 20 years since Mary Harron's American Psycho slashed and strutted its way onto the stage -- it is, quite plainly, one of my most favorite movies of all time, and so obviously I had to do a to-do about it. And if you click on over to The Film Experience you'll see I did just that and wrote up my thoughts on not one, not two, not three and not four of its performances, but five, five of its performances for my "Great Moments in Horror Actressing" series. All those ladies are wonderful, hella worthy additions to my pantheon of The Queens of Scream. That said that was a lot of lady talk, so here on MNPP I will also share these two gifs of Christian Bale... sigh. What a gift this film was. Such boundless riches...

PS here's a terrific new chat with Marry Harron at LWL about the film this week, filled with smart insights from a seriously underappreciated genius on her timeless masterpiece... which is my way of saying it's worth ten minutes of your time. Choice bit:

“Whenever I film a TV show, somebody always comes up and tells me how much they loved American Psycho. I’m surprised by the intensity of people’s reaction to it. People tell me they’ve seen it 30 times – I haven’t even seen it 30 times! It seems to have touched a nerve, and it’s nice that people are still watching it.”

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Anonymous said...

Film experience link is wonky. Gifs are eternally perfect.