Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Call Miranda By Your Name

One of the main casualties of time no longer existing has been my inability to keep track of it -- funny how that works. And so, in the absence of Tuesdays, things like "release dates" have become impossible for me to keep track of. But I guess a new book about Miranda July is out today! How exciting! It's billed as a "career spanning retrospective" and it's filled with interviews and photographs and assorted July-related sundry of the nostalgic sort -- for any fans of the woman it looks totally peachy keen, and perhaps enough to tide us over until her new movie Kajillionaire gets its whenever release. I mean who knows how long that'll be now -- best buy the book and situate yourself comfortably with it on the couch.

In related news there's a brand new chat with July up at EW today that's all about books that she loves, and I might never stop swooning due to her answer when asked what movie adaptation of a book she loves:

"Call Me by Your Name. I saw the movie and was like, "Oh my God, that wasn't enough!" So I got the book. I'll think about the movie, because it really sticks with you, and then I'll drift over into the book and scenes that aren't in the movie. I think [the movie] did just right, a really good job, but there's really great stuff [in the book] where the story just keeps on going. I love that, as an unusual pair in my mind: a book and a movie that are very intertwined."

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