Friday, April 24, 2020

Good Morning, World

A happy birthday to our second favorite Queer as Folk actor (we speak of course of the original UK series -- I never had no time for the American remake) Aidan Gillen, who's turning 52 years old today. These gifs are from the 2000 movie called The Low Down which I ain't never seen (sorry I am typing with an Irish accent right now, in honor of Aidan, so in my head that sounds more like "Ih eent neveahr seeeeen") but which is available to stream on Amazon if you so desire. This was made pretty much at the same time as QaF, which is also available to stream on Amazon in full -- I really should re-watch it, it's been ages, and I could use Charlie Hunnam, Bum Boy right about now. Anyway I made these gifs in reverse so I could put the NSFW bit after the jump...

... because in the movie itself this scene starts wide, penis a'plenty at the start, not the end -- I didn't think I'd have to point that out but I just realized there is a man in a towel walking backwards across the frame and it looks somewhat insane. Oh well. My eyes were on the prize!


David said...

Mr. Gillen looks rather, ummmmm, girthy. I'm titilated.

Mark Alexander said...

I never made the connection between him in QAF and the latest, Project Blue Book. Hated him in QAF but loved him in PBB. Maybe it's the added maturity?