Monday, April 27, 2020

Be Very Afraid

This week's "Great Moments in Horror Actressing" at The Film Experience -- read it at this link -- is getting real sticky with Geena Davis in David Cronenberg's remake of The Fly, which is one of if not the best horror remakes ever re-made. Right? What else is there, The Thing? I'd personally throw Luca's Suspiria in here but recognize we need to give it more time to solidify itself into that exact final form. Tell me your favorite Horror Remake in the comments!


Mia said...

Cat People
Invasion of the body snatchers
The Crazies
Dark Water

And a ton more XD I love horror, good, bad, terrible, great, new and old.
Best genre.

Rob91316 said...

Hands down, it would be the 1978 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" for me.

Anonymous said...

The Frank Darabont-Chuck Russell remake of The Blob is pretty damn sweet...

KingRoper said...

John Carpenter's THE THING is the best, of course.
Scorsese's CAPE FEAR
EVIL DEAD 2, which is basically a remake of Evil Dead.

ferretrick said...

It was not a total success, but It 1 & 2 were miles better than the TV version.

I don't really count the Netflix version of Haunting of Hill House as a remake of The Haunting, exactly, since they pretty much just wrote their own story that had zero to do with Shirley Jackson's novel, but it was fantastic.

ernesto66 said...

Tie between "Body Snatchers" and "The Thing," slightly favoring the second because I saw it in the theater. Of all the genius things I love about "The Fly" though, is how it took the first film's most quotable line, not to say its funniest, and made it the remake's most touching. For anyone who had dealt with serious illness such as AIDS, as more and more would have in 1986, it must have been wrenching to hear Goldblum whimper "Help me!" the way he does.